We are producing a lot of content day by day, so here we are, here I collect and dump my thoughts and experiences, share my ideas. You and give some feedback or try to influence it by commenting on things if you care enough

but why?

My colleagues think sometimes I am a magician, but I am truly not one. I know the tools I have, how to use them, and how they work together. Here I share some insights, but you should have some knowledge of IT (and cyber if you prefer the current hype-word).


My work related topics will not discussed here in great details. They are too specific and also regulated by a lot of policies, so just not writing is easier for me than paying attention to all the details. sorry folks.


If I don’t know about something, I read about it, get excited, buy things, test them, make them work, and sometimes break it in ways the manufacturer never thought that was possible. You might find detailed reports of my home-projects with some technical insights.


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